Tell: Serve:Give - Bishops in Mission 2019

Between the 7th - 10th March 2019 we have an opportunity to unite together, as deaneries and as a diocese in locally organised mission, outreach and evangelism

A message from the Archbishop of York
Each deanery will host visiting teams and bishops to support us leading events and activities to tell the good news of Jesus and invite others to join us on a journey of discipleship. We want everyone to be involved working to show how we can be a bigger church making a bigger difference.
This will be big. We anticipate over 200 activities will take place across our diocese with plenty of high profile opportunities. So it is important you don’t miss out. We want you, your parish, and your deanery to be involved as we tell people the good news, serve our communities in many ways and give them a taste of what it feels like to be part of the Good News.
Being involved is not daunting. Many of you will be able to take some of your existing plans and activities and gain extra strength from the teams that are coming from across the Northern Deaneries.
Publicising your event
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Deanery advocates

We're supporting Deaneries and parishes with an advocate in each Deanery to help bring together ideas and help make events happen.

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