'Youth Pilgrimage changed my life and let me share my faith'

Rebecca Richardson, Huyton Deanery Schools and Youth Worker spoke to us about her recent appointment to this newly created role, Youth Pilgrimage and the Triangle of Hope.

Rebecca is a life long member of St Gabriel’s Church in Huyton. She has been in post as Huyton Deanery Schools and Youth Worker since September 2018.

“My role covers both Schools and Youth Work across Huyton Deanery. As part of my Youth Work role, I lead a youth group called Deanery Youth Group for young people across Huyton Deanery ages 10 and upwards. This is once a month, held at different churches across Huyton Deanery. In terms of my School Role I am supporting Schools across Huyton Deanery in any way possible from Assemblies to Prayer Spaces, Experiences e.g. Experience Easter and Christmas and also the reconnection with Church Links.

Growing in my own Christian faith is central to my life and I understand how important it is to provide this opportunity from a young age, as the opportunities given to me at a young age were instrumental in my own journey of faith.

I was encouraged to be a part of the first Liverpool Virginia Youth Pilgrimage 2012-2013 which provided me with the opportunity to speak about my Christian faith with other young people from across the Deanery and journey together in faith. This gave me the confidence to speak in front of groups of people, experience new challenges, overcome fears, learn new skills and create friendships with others of a similar age from a range of churches and backgrounds.

I was honoured to be asked after the first pilgrimage to go on my own to America to develop my faith further, staying with families from churches and working at Shrine Mont Camp as a Camp Counsellor. My faith grew further whilst helping the Chaplain Plan worship and short services for our young people. This opportunity has changed my life and given me the confidence to share my faith with others, in particular younger people across the Deanery and beyond, and in 2012 I shared my experiences and my journey with Deanery Synod.”

In the summer of 2019 graduates from the previous two youth pilgrimages in 2012 and 2015 will be visiting Kumasi, Ghana. We will be visiting important sites connected with the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and the major community service project will be Jachie Anglican Eye Clinic. This will be part of the journey ending the two previous Youth Pilgrimages but also the connection to the future Triangle of Hope journey commencing in September 2019 where the Youth Pilgrimage of 3 years across the Triangle of Hope takes place."

Youth Pilgrimage 2019

“Youth Pilgrimage 2019 will begin in September this year. It is open to all young people ages 14 years and upwards right across the Diocese. This will be the starting point of your journey where you will be able to meet regularly with other young people to build friendships, take part in teambuilding exercises and make connections through the Triangle of Hope.

The dates of the Triangle of Hope Journey start in Liverpool in 2020 where a group of young people from both Virginia and Kumasi travel to Liverpool. In 2021, the group of young people from Liverpool and Kumasi will travel to Virginia. Then in 2022, the group of young people from Liverpool and Virginia will travel to Ghana.
·       2020 Liverpool
·       2021 Virginia
·       2022 Ghana
Click here to find out more about the Triangle of Hope, what places you will visit and what you will be able to get involved in during the 3 years of the pilgrimage.  

News & Events

Feeling inspired?

Liverpool Diocese Triangle of Hope Outreach and Celebration Event 

Thursday 7th March 2019 from 7pm-9pm, St Gabriel's church, Huyton

This is an opportunity to meet past youth pilgrims and their families, listening to their experiences and journey and how this has shaped who they are today. This will be an evening if you are interested you will not want to miss, come along and listen to peoples testimony’s and also find out a little more on what a Youth Pilgrimage is and the opportunity of a lifetime. We also hope to do a live web link with Virginia and Kumasi! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!