Attendance statistics

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Which churches are growing? Which are holding their own against difficult circumstances? Which are not and need more help? These questions can only be answered with the assistance of reliable attendance information.

Everyone counts
In the past we only recorded adults worshipping on a Sunday - now we ask you to report the number of children attending worship on a Sunday (including Sunday school) and  the numbers of additional adults and children attending regular midweek services.

You can download Excel spreadsheets or PDF forms for recording attendance here.

Please email completed Excel spreadsheet forms to, OR please print the PDF version and post it to the Resources Team at St James’ House.

Thank you to all the church wardens, administrators, clergy and others who diligently collect their church’s attendance information and send it in to us.  The data you provide helps us all, locally, regionally and nationally to make better decisions.
How to count your congregation
Please apply the following ethos when you count your church attendance:
  1. Count and record all congregations, including all Sunday services and established midweek services - whether Eucharistic or non-Eucharistic.
    If you have an emerging congregation (e.g. a fresh expressions of church) where it is not reasonable to expect regular giving, you may exclude them from the counts you submit to the Resources Team. The key questions for inclusion are:

    a) Is there an open collection plate at the service or worship activity?

    b) Does at least 10% of the congregation give regularly as part of their membership of this congregation?

    If the answer to either question is ‘yes’, then you must record and report their attendance.
  2. You must also report how many people attended more than one service or worship activity during the same week (see individual record sheets for detailed guidance) The diocesan attendance fiqures we publish make allowance for those who attend more than once per week.
We cannot give you an exact set of rules for counting attendance at services or other worship activities - it requires trust and mutuality. Your Archdeacon’s Parish Review will assess whether your declared attendance numbers reflect the current picture and are consistent with the approach other parishes in our diocese use.