Your Archdeacon & your parish

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Archdeacons: Leaders of mission and enablers of change

All Archdeacons in the Diocese of Liverpool are to be leaders in mission and enablers of change within the community of the church.
They are to ensure that effective, growing, sustainable, accountable, mission focused churches are the hallmark of the diocese and that each archdeaconry becomes a strategic and focused mission unit.
They will have a particular emphasis on nurturing new forms of church and new missional communities as we seek to multiply congregations and church presence. And they will need to offer excellent support and pastoral care to clergy and other missional leaders as well as to churchwardens and other key lay people. This is alongside the framework of their legal and statutory duties in the office of Archdeacon.
Fundamental to the role will be the on-going pastoral and strategic engagement with parishes through the biennial Archdeacon's Parish Review and on leading the parochial appointments process on behalf of the Bishops.