Who's now tackling modern day slavery in our Diocese? Could this be you?

Mal Rogers spoke to us about the triangle of hope and how the Diocese needs your help in tackling Modern Day Slavery.

Triangle of Hope
"On 25th June the last in the current cycle of youth pilgrimages will be a visit to Gahna by young people from our diocese and the Diocese of Virginia. In September a new cycle will begin with a fresh cohort with Liverpool being the first visit. Modern Day Slavery is included in the learning that the young people embark upon together throughout the life of the pilgrimage cycle. Young people engage with the topics such as personal ethics, and fair trade, with mineral mining for mobile phones in West Africa and the impact on the community highlighted during the Ghana visit."

Last month we spoke to Rebecca Richardson, Huyton Deanery Schools and Youth Worker, who told us how youth pilgrims learn together, pray together, forge lasting relationships and visit each other’s settings as part of the Triangle of Hope. You can read it again here.
Why do we need to keep tackling modern day slavery?
"More than 200 years after the abolition of the slave trade there are still an estimated 40.3 million men, women and children trapped in modern slavery, and up to 136,000 potential victims in the UK alone. It shows us that it is a very real issue. A key part of the Triangle of Hope is that slavery not just historical. It is a live issue and discrimination is seen just as much in today’s world. There are victims today, an example took place recently in the Diocese of Virginia with the Charlottesville riots, where violence broke out between white supremacists and counter-protesters. When considering history of slavery in Liverpool i.e. the slave trade, people question how people could have been so blind but the fact is true here and now, it’s hidden in plain sight."
What can parishes do to help prevent or report modern day slavery?
There are some great resources available on the Clewer website.

The Safe Car Wash App  that we shared a couple of weeks ago is a great place to start. Download it yourself and circulate it around your parish. Simple steps can make a huge difference, awareness is key and to know next steps.

There are more ideas and a video from Clewer here. 'We See You'.  

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Who's now tackling modern day slavery in our Diocese? Could this be you?

We are still looking for someone who can take up the fight against modern day slavery within our Diocese. Read the Job Summary for the Liverpool Diocese Anti-Trafficking Project Co-ordinator here.

If you’re interested in applying for the role please contact Rev Canon Dr Ellen Loudon ellen.loudon@liverpool.anglican.org