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The Church of England - a Christian presence in every community

The Diocese of Liverpool is one of 44 dioceses in this country that together form the body called the Church of England. 

The Church of England is led by the Archbishop of Canterbury and governed by an elected body, General Synod. Every parish, deanery and diocese is committed "to the faith 'uniquely revealed in the Holy Scriptures and set forth in the catholic creeds,' its maintenance of the traditional three fold order of ministry, and its determination to bring the grace of God to the whole nation through word and sacrament in the power of the Holy Spirit."

Through its network of dioceses and parishes the church aims to have a Christian presence in every community  working towards its mission of social justice whilst sharing the Good News of Jesus.

Some basic facts
  • The Queen is the Church of England's Supreme Governer, the Archbishop of Canterbury it's spiritual leader.
  • The 44 dioceses are divided into two provinces - Canterbury and York. Each province is overseen by an archbishop.
  • Every diocese is overseen by a diocesan bishop - supported by either Area or Suffragan Bishops. They are supported in their ministry by Archdeacons. 
  • Dioceses are divided into deaneries  - a smaller geographical area overseen by an Area or Rural Dean
  • The Church of England has it's own parliament - General Synod - which establishes church law and debates issues of theology, doctrine and ethics.
  • The Church of England is referred to as a broad church. It seeks to accomodate a wide range of theologies under the umbrella of the same basic orthodoxy.
There is much more to the Church of England than we could write on this page.

Go to www.churchofengland.org to find out more