What's the link between church growth, social action and discipleship?

That is exactly what The GRA:CE Project aims to find out. Could your parish help take part in this research project seeking to understand the relationship between church growth, social action and discipleship within the Church of England?

Hannah Rich Researcher, Social Action explains “The GRA:CE Project is a three-year research project in partnership between Theos and Church Urban Fund, looking at the relationship between church growth, social action and discipleship in the Church of England. We are exploring what this looks like in parishes and communities of all shapes and sizes across the country and are looking for parishes which might be willing to take part in the research.

This would involve interviews with you and several members of the congregation, especially those who are part of any social action and/or discipleship projects you run, to discuss the ideas of discipleship, social action and growth and how they relate to your parish.”

Some of the questions the research will address are:

• What are churches currently doing in terms of social action and discipleship?
• Is social action a means by which people become part of the church?
• What does this mean for church growth?
• How does discipleship fit into strategies for church growth and social action?
• How can we build on this to encourage churches in the future?

If you would like to get involved in this project please contact Rev Canon Dr Ellen Loudon, Director of Social Justice & Canon Chancellor ellen.loudon@liverpool.anglican.org