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Getting married? We want to help you have a happy, successful marriage which can start with a church wedding. Watch a video of couples and clergy discussing why church weddings are so special.

As Christians we believe that marriage is a gift from God and we think there is no better place to get married than in church. By marrying in church a couple makes their public declaration of their lifelong loving commitment to each other in front of God as well as family and friends.

Being married gives you a legal status as husband and wife. We believe that marriage offers an ideal place for the fulfillment of our sexuality and a secure and stable environment to bring up children.

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You are be married in the Church of England (FAQ)

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Where can I get married?

You live in a parish and the usual church for you to get married in would be the parish church. But from October 1st 2008 the Church of England has made it simpler for couples to get married in a church that may have some special significance for you. This may be the parish where one of the couple grew up, or where a parent lives.