We must maintain momentum

Bishop Richard has urged our diocese to maintain momentum if we are to build on the powerful creativity of Bishop James.

Bishop Richard has urged our diocese to maintain momentum if we are to build on the powerful creativity of Bishop James.

Moving a resolution to give thanks to Bishop James for all he has done during his ministry amongst us, Bishop Richard said "I am certain that he would not want us to stop nor cease to carry on being creative simply because he has retired. That would be a poor response to his legacy."

Bishop Richard pointed to the fact we are only 7 years away from seeing 40% of our current clergy into retirement and that it usually takes 8 years from initial interest to seeing an incumbent licensed to parish. This emphasised the underlying urgency. He flagged up our excellent local training courses and issued a challenge to us all to stir up in people a sense of vocation.

The Bishop highlighted the age of our congregations stating "our long term prospects aren't too good" and "we are clearly living on old money" Finally he turned to discuss the type of church we are passing on to our children, saying " I have heard it said, more than once, “I just want my church to be here as long as I am alive.” I don’t think we can go on propping up that sort of apathy and selfishness for much longer. "

Motion of thanks to Bishop James

The motion of thanks placed on record the contribution made by Bishop James Jones during his fifteen years as Bishop of Liverpool. It noted that during this time we "have seen our Diocese grow in confidence, notably our commitment to mission, social engagment and collaborative mininstry."

The motion pays tribute to the Bishop's work on a national level where he has " been an energetic advocate challenging church and nation to tackle environmental issues; proved to be a skilled and vocal advocate as Bishop for Prisons not only supporting chaplains but also liaising with Government; and utilised his role in the House of Lords to make challenging & constructive interventions."

It also comments on his work on an international level  where "he has served on the Anglican Consultative Council and has facilitated the development of our links with our twin Diocese of Virginia."

It conclude "We rejoice at Bishop James ministry with us and the legacy that he leaves. We wish Bishop James and Sarah health, happiness and God’s richest blessings as they embark on what we hope will be a long, fruitful and happy new era of ministry."