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Remembrance Day is 11th November. It is usually marked on the second Sunday of November. This page has links and ideas for resources to help mark the occasion with children and young people.

1. What Price Peace? Book by Chris Hudson
A teaching resource for primary schools exploring issues of war and peace - (available in The Ark resource room). 
The centenary of the First World War provides a great opportunity for schools to extend their spiritual, moral, social and cultural provision for pupils as they mark the anniversary. Chris Hudson's book What Price Peace? looks at issues arising from the First World War to help pupils explore wider themes, as they gain insight into events that took place from 1914 to 1918.
The book provides ten units of classroom material and three assemblies for 5-11s based on the theme of the First World War. Using original events retold as stories, children explore themes such as patriotism, pacifism, peace and the comradeship and service that can be found in times of war, including questions such as:
  • Is fighting always wrong?
  • How can we work out what is true?
  • How should bullying be resisted?
  • Are some people worth more than others?
  • How do we deal with fear, pain and suffering?
  • Can we really love our enemies as Jesus said?
Written for use with children at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, the resource provides RE ideas to unpack the wider moral issues emerging from war. Alongside the RE perspective, there are classroom activities for Literacy, History, PSHCE, and Art and Science. All of the material is differentiated for use with 5-7s or with 8-11s, and allows children a broad exploration to enable them to develop their own worldview.
What Price Peace? from BRF. Price £8.99, I SBN 978-1-84101-691-7.2. 

2. The BBC ASSEMBLY PACK - resources for collective worship on Remembrance and Peace

3. A Messy Church Remembrance session outline

4. Remembrance Sunday Ideas from Bible Reading Fellowship

5. 'Greater love'  - a resource pack with DVD and commemorative St John's Gospel

6. Crafts and activities from ichild 

7. A Remembrance Cross