Vacancy in See Committee selects candidates for the Crown Nominations Commission

We can announce the names of our diocesan representatives

After a busy couple of days when the Archbishop’s and Prime Minister’s Appointments Secretaries carried out extensive consultation in our diocese we can announce the names of those who will represent us on the Crown Nominations Commission.

The three clergy and three lay members elected bring a range of skills and experience from across our diocese. They are

Paul Hancock  - General Synod member from Winwick Deanery
Linda Jones - Reader in Ormskirk and Director of Church Growth
Maggie Swinson - Lay Chair of the Diocesan Synod and General Synod Member

Revd Bob Lewis - Bishop Adviser on Sector Ministry and Chaplain to staff and institutions of Liverpool Univerity and Liverpool John Moores University
Revd Pete Spiers - Vicar at St Lukes Crosby, General Synod Member and former CNC central member
Very Revd Pete Wilcox - Dean of Liverpool

The committee also finalised our Diocese’s Statement of Needs which we will be presenting to the commission before Christmas and publishing on our website at Epiphany.

Bishop Richard said "this process, carried out with the church's customary thoroughness continues to show the strength of our diocese. There seems to be a clear picture emerging of the qualities of and priorities for our new bishop. I'd like to thank all those on the Vacancy in See Committee for the diligent way they have carried out their task. I also thank all those across our diocese who have given prayerful thought to our consultation.

Now we continue to pray as we move to the next stage of this process in the New Year"

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We now have six representatives for the Crown Nominations Commission which will meet to discuss our vacancy on March 6th and April 1st and 2nd 2014.

Our representatives are

• Paul Hancock
• Linda Jones
• Bob Lewis
• Pete Spiers
• Maggie Swinson and
• Pete Wilcox

If you wish to contact them to suggest potential candidates then email

Pray for Our New Bishop

A prayer for our diocese

Heavenly Father, whose risen Son
gives gifts of service and leadership to his Church:
grant the wisdom of your Holy Spirit
to all who will discern and choose the next Bishop of Liverpool.
Lead us, Lord, in your righteousness
and make your way plain to us all.
Grant strength to your servant
called to serve you as Bishop in this place,
that he may be a faithful and wise steward of your grace.
We ask this through him who came
not to be served but to serve,
and give his life as a ransom for many,
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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A Prayer Vigil 

For use at Epiphany to support the process of discernment in the appointment of our new Bishop.