Transforming projects

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Ordinary people involved in projects that make a difference

Our aim
There are many skills / needs in our communities and you will know what works in your community or network.

We want to encourage lay people to pray through:
  • What is God calling us to do?
  • How will this transform our local community and make a difference in people’s lives?
  • How will it draw non-Christians and Christians together into cohesive community?
We want to support you if you are looking to do something that is self-financing and sustaining, that addresses a social need or helps transform society even in a small way. Structures may include charities, community interest companies (CIC’s), social enterprises, limited companies etc.
What we can offer
We have experience in the joys and frustrations of developing networks and projects, and we want to encourage others through mentoring and prayerful support.

Our experience is varied; here are some of the projects we are involved with:
We meet roughly once a month to share stories, support, encourage and pray for each other.
Your ideas
You may be one of those people hearing God’s call to do something but unsure of how to respond.

If you feel passionate about a particular need you see around you or have a creative idea about building community, do contact one of us to explore how God might be leading you in this area.


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