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Each year the Resources Team runs training sessions to keep parishes up to date

Training opportunities
Information Update
Changes that may be of interest to our churches, e.g. Charitable reporting and finance issues.

Treasurer Basics
The basics of being a PCC Treasurer. The records required for, and the process of generating, receipts and payments accounts. 

Gift Aid Secretaries: New to Gift Aid?
Explaining all the requirements, records and procedures required by HM Revenue & Customs. 

Parish Buying
The C of E National Procurement Officers describe how parishes can realistically reduce their costs. 

The Annual Report (last provided in 2010)
The Annual Report is a required legal document that is completely separate from the verbal reports given at an APCM. Explains what an Annual Report should contain.

Book recommendations

Seasons of Giving workbooks and copies of the fully revised Your money and your life can be purchased from Steve Pierce.

We also offer individual advice tailored to suit your church:

Cath Gaskell
Finance Resources Officer
0151 705 2180

Gordon Fath
Resources Officer
0151 705 2180

Kim Stanley
Gift Aid Officer
0151 705 2132

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Treasurer Basics

New to Gift Aid?

Parish Buying

Finding the best value deals for your church isn’t always easy and takes time. That’s why the National Church and the dioceses set up the Parish Buying service.

Parish Buying website

The Energy Basket