Starting a Team

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How do we set up a shared ministry team in our church?

First Steps
This page provides a brief overview of the first steps in setting up a Shared Ministry Team. For a more detailed overview download, Forming the team: an overview of the SMT process.  
  • For an informal conversation about Shared Ministry Teams contact Steve Pierce initially on 0151 705 2120 or email at One of our Shared Ministry officers will be in touch as soon as possible.
  • Request Adrian Ball, chair of the diocesan Shared Ministry Group, to attend the Church Council or an open meeting of the congregation. Please allow at least 45 minutes for a presentation and full discussion
  • Request someone to preach one Sunday about Shared Ministry and the work of a Shared Ministry Team
Making it happen: authority and selection
After consultation and discussion the next steps in establishing a Shared Ministry Team are as follows: 
  • The Church Council must formally vote on the issue, record that vote in the minutes and then submit a copy of the PCC minutes to Steve at St James' House.
  • The incumbent, acting on behalf of the Church Council, liaises with a Diocesan nominee who will oversee a formal selection process for Team members. Download the paper, Selecting the Team, for more information. 
  • The congregation are invited to nominate individuals for membership of the SMT.
  • The Church Council then votes on nominations and the process is overseen by the diocesan nominee.  
Training the Team
Once selected the Team start their training, usually but not always with two experienced trainers/facilitators. Training normally begins with an one night residential (although practice can vary) and eight or nine sessions. Depending on diaries, initial training  is usually completed within twelve months. Some additional training as agreed by Team and trainer is offered in the first year of the life of the SMT. For more details see the on page Training for the Team.
Next steps
When initial training is complete the Shared Ministry team will be formally commissioned. A key element in the commissioning is an "Agreed Statement" which captures the ministry of the Team and which is subject to an annual review. For more on the agreed statement, commissioning and annual review please click to the Commissioning page