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Innovative full time training for ordination combing study with work in a church or mission context

St Mellitus NW is an exciting partnership between St Mellitus College and the North West dioceses of Blackburn, Carlisle, Chester, Liverpool and Manchester.

Drawing on high quality teachers & practioners from across the North West and nationally, the courses on offer are:
  • Full-time church-based ordination training for Church of England ordinands
  • Certificates, Foundation Degrees and BA in Theology for independent students from any denomination
  • Training for missional leaders who want to go deeper in theology in a mission-focused context
The course is half-time study, half-time on the job - this helps you learn to study while balancing the time demands of ministry and life. This means that regular patterns of worship and spirituality, and habits while training in this fashion are much better suited to ongoing ministry than many other forms of training as you will learn habits of study alongside ministry life.

The core syllabus teaching is delivered on a Monday morning by a creative blend of teaching by North West staff, by live video link from London, by visiting St Mellitus staff, and local teachers. Monday afternoons focus on Leadership for Healthy Churches, drawing on experts and practioners from across the North West region and beyond. Some Mondays are spent in formation groups and one-to-one meetings with Personal Tutors and in other key ministry areas such as preaching. One or two other days in the week are set aside for personal study time.

For half of the week you are located at your Primary Church placement learning ‘on the job’ under a local supervisor in a local church or mission context. This is a crucial and innovative component of the course. In consultation with your Bishop, you may wish to stay on in your home church; alternatively help will be given to find you a suitable placement.

The Personal Development Programme contributes to your formation through regular one-to-one meetings with their Personal Tutor, keeping of a learning journal, personal development questionnaire, regular meetings with a spiritual director, an annual retreat (different style each year) and focussed time on residentials.

The academic year comprises 30 weeks of: 1 day college teaching, 1-2 days study, 3 days placement in a church. The ordinands will join together with other St Mellitus ordinands on one residential week (after October half term) and 6 residential weekends and 1 retreat across the year. This will give you a flavour of Church of England across the country.