St James House is changing - supporting you at this time

Staff at St James' House are working in a very different way but we still aim to support parishes at this time

St James House is changing
At the start of this outbreak, we stated that St James House was changing not closing. And like so many organisations, we have shut the doors of our buildings, but we are still working but in a very different way.

In order to save costs and preserve our long term future, we have taken advantage of the Government’s Job Retention Scheme which means we have had to furlough staff. This involves asking a number of people to stop working. This helps us claim 80% of their monthly wage cost until the end of May. However, we have committed to paying 100% of their salaries during this time.

The rest of our staff are following the Government’s advice and working from home.

This page explains what these changes mean for you in terms of contacting us during this time. We also explain what we are able to offer you at this time.

What this means for you
We can’t possibly run at the same level as we did before. Every team has been reduced in number except Safeguarding, Education and Finance. Over the next week or so we will outline what each of our teams will be able to offer over the next few months as we adjust to this new way of working. We still aim to provide our core services to you but we ask your patience in coming back to you with response to your enquiries.

Getting help and advice

The best place to start is www.liverpool.anglican.org/coronavirus
You can also try www.churchofengland.org/coronavirus for the latest national guidance.

Contacting us

The best way to contact us is through the email CentralServices@liverpool.anglican.org  

Please do not ring us. We are not able to monitor our phones so ringing is not a good idea. But if you email CentralServices@liverpool.anglican.org  we can make sure that the best person deals with your enquiry.

Please try not to send post
We want to encourage you to email where possible. We have sent treasurers and gift aid secretaries advice on how to process gift aid claims which you can see here

If you have other post you wish to send please email CentralServices@liverpool.anglican.org for advice before doing so.
Our commitment to you
With slimmed down teams we can’t offer the same level of services to you but during this period we will be doing the following

Maintaining our support for victims and the monitoring of offenders including the management of existing and new cases.
Information about safer recruitment DBS and remote assessing of any blemished DBS
Provide support and advice for parishes

Maintain a slimmed version of the Bulletin on a weekly basis
Provide updates and information to parishes
Maintain the www.liverpool.anglican.org/coronavirus webpages
Maintain our social media profile and links to the media
Provide support and advice for parishes

Clergy Housing
Continue an emergency repair service
Continue the statutory gas maintenance checks
Manage our rented stock
Help with the development of our property portfolio
Advise parishes on asset deals

We are not expecting any faculty applications at this time. If this is something you are considering then talk to your Archdeacon before doing anything.

Central services
Monitor general enquiries and find the right person to help
Provide support for and process DBS applications

Finance and project management
The finance team will continue to conduct the full range of its work. Limited access to St James’ House and remote working systems may result in query response delays in some instances
Financial and Project Management support to SDF projects

Maintain the Gift Aid System
Support parishes around new ways to give and addressing financial challenges
Support the Parish Giving Scheme

Lifelong Learning
Continuing to support students through the Director of Studies at All Saints
Curacy planning and placements
Clergy support and advice

Continue the local and national discernment processes for ordained and Reader ministry (working with candidates via phone and online platforms)
Support and maintain contact with our ordinands in training locally and across the country
Continue work on setting up curacies for 2020 and 2021

Continuing to support our schools and the new hubs.

News & Events

Thank you

For bearing with us at this time

Thank you for your patience. Like you we have had to go through a massive amount of change in a quick time and we hope that through this we have been able to maintain a level of service to everyone. This will continue but we are sure you will understand that things will be different for a while so please be patient.


For up to date information and advice go to www.liverpool.anglican.org/coronavirus

For help and advice please email CentralServices@liverpool.anglican.org. Don't ring us we may not be able to answer.

Try not to send post. If you can scan and email please do. If not then email CentralServices@liverpool.anglican.org for advice.

Thank you