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What Is Spiritual Direction?

What is Spiritual Direction?

When we speak of Spiritual Direction there is an underlying assumption that the true director or guide is God – the Holy Spirit. The person directing is simply a companion, an enabler, encourager, a fellow pilgrim on the spiritual journey, but also someone trained to help you discern God’s movements in your life as they listen to you, but also for God’s prompting during your sessions together.

In the past when a person visited their Spiritual Director the agenda may well have been confined to their prayer life, their attendance at public worship, perhaps the keeping of their rule of life. But today we have come to see God is present in the whole of our life and so the discussion will much wider, where is God in my life, what is God saying through my work, my relationships, my hobbies, what does God desire of me, what do I desire, where does God want to take me, how does He want me to serve Him, how can I be more fully the person God made me to be?

Spiritual Directors, both lay or ordained work to accepted Guidelines for Good Practice in the Liverpool Diocese.

Conversations within a session are confidential within the boundaries of legal and professional standards explained in these Guidelines.

All Spiritual Directors on the Liverpool list agree to have supervision.

There is no charge for Spiritual Direction arranged through the Diocesan Co-ordinator.

Can anyone have a Spiritual Director?

Yes, anyone seeking to deepen their relationship with God will find Spiritual Direction helpful.

How do I get a Spiritual Director?
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