Single Christians need to be supported, as it can be very lonely

Danielle Broadbent has organised an event this November aimed at single people. She tells us why she felt it was important to hold such an event.

“I'm 36, single and a Christian. I am someone who has always wanted to get married and have children but it hasn't happened yet. I have always struggled with being single and seeing friends and relatives get married/ have children, often a lot younger than me. It's something I have always wanted to happen and just assumed it would happen along the way. I have been on and off Christian and non-Christian dating sites for many years, been speed dating and attended singles events but have not met anyone who I wished to be more than friends with. Many Christian, single women will understand that there are a lot more single women in the church than men, particularly when you get to 30+. The church, in general, is not good at supporting single Christians, I think partly because they don't realise there is a problem.

“I started to push doors about doing an event like this as I know how difficult I have found being single in the church. I know other single Christian friends who have also found it difficult. There are a lot more single women than single men in church and many women find it very difficult to meet a suitable partner. Many people (including church leaders) are often unaware of the enormous pain, disappointment and upset many single Christians go through. I know quite a few Christians who have left church because they have felt excluded by their church, as it has been so focused on families and they don't feel they fit in. Not every single Christian who is single will go on to meet a suitable partner and have children and single Christians need to be supported, as it can be very lonely.

“The event is not a dating event but a chance to share how people are feeling about being a single Christian and how to live the full life God wants us to. The event will start with continental breakfast and worship. Rev. Kate Wharton will be speaking on "how to flourish as a single Christian" and there will be a Q & A session and a chance to share ideas. From this workshop, it may be appropriate to set up a Christian social group in Liverpool and organise more events for singles for friendship and dating.”

The event is open to single people of any age, men and women and also if you wish to support those who are single.
Book your place via Eventbrite. The event is free with a suggested £3.00 donation for continental breakfast.

Flourishing in the Single Life
Saturday 30th November 2019
St. Cuthbert's Church
4 Langley Close