Frequently Asked Questions

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How does an SMT relate to the Church Council?
The PCC is and remains the decision making body of the local church. It makes and reviews policy, allocates resources and exercises its statutory responsibilities in partnership with the incumbent. The SMT works under the authority of the PCC & Incumbent and is responsible for developing Shared Ministry in that church. The SMT wlll have specific tasks agreed with the PCC - for example one SMT was charged with overseeing the setting up of Messy Church in the parish.
How long will I serve on a Shared Ministry Team?
Teams are commissioned for five years. However, a team member may leave early due to unexpected personal circumstances while some SMT members have served for 15 years or longer. Bringing new members “on board” and supporting them through their development is a wonderful opportunity  to share what the team has learned and to grow in new directions. That's why Teams are re-commissioned every 5 years and all submit to re-selection each time, giving opportunities for change while maintaining reasonable continuity.
How much time must I commit to the Team?
Once trained most Teams will meet formally once a month for discussion, planning and prayer and of course there may well be additional time commitments, as for so many other people in the church, for the exercise of specific ministry responsibilities as agreed within the team. 
How do new people join our Team?
During a Team's life or at the end of the five year commissioning period new members may join the team. A recommended process called Reforming helps to integrate new members and helps the team explore its new life with new members. Externally facilitated, the re-forming package is negotiated to ensure it is appropriate to local needs and circumstances.
What happens to our Team if the Vicar leaves?
An existing Team will continue to function in a vacancy. Teams still in training will normally suspend their training until a new appointment is made. Prospective clergy will need to be made aware of the existence of a team and of their responsibilities. For more guidance click to the Teams and Vacancy page