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Equipping leaders to grow their churches

'SOL is easily the best training I’ve ever done.'
School of Leadership 2014
'Fantastic – the topics were delivered by people who had ‘been-there-done-that’ and spoke right into the real needs of my parish.'

'The quality of friendship we’ve developed is superb. This will last long after SOL finished.'

Since 2003, the Church Growth Team has been providing clergy in the Diocese of Liverpool with School of Leadership (SOL); a dynamic training process that effectively equips and supports them as they grow their churches and explore new mission opportunities.

The SOL is an intensive one day per week programme at the beginning of each year (Jan-March). The teaching is delivered by practitioners and happens within a small group learning environment – each SOL is limited to 12 clergy.

It’s not for the fainthearted! The initial School of Leadership programme commences and finishes with a 24 hour residential. Those accepted onto SOL are expected to commit to 100% attendance.

Following SOL there is ongoing support for leaders and their churches.

The SOL is provided free by the diocese as part of the church growth team’s ministry.

For more information contact the Director of Mission, Linda Jones - Email or Sandra Holmes: