Scandal of a Queer God - Public Theology Lecture – November 25th 2019 6pm - St Bride's Church Liverpool

St Bride’s Public Theology Lecture with Revd Liz Edman

Was Jesus perfect, or was he human? How Christians answer this question has vast implications for what we say and do in the name of our faith. Using queerness as an interpretative lens, Liz Edman will explore how the story of the Syro-Phoenician woman disrupts an overemphasis on Jesus’ divinity. Together we will discuss how dismantling the lie of the perfect Jesus can help Christians be more accountable for what we say we believe, and bring a healthier understanding of our faith to bear on the religious & political turmoils that now engulf our world.

The Revd Liz Edman, is an Episcopal Priest, Political Strategist and author of Queer VIrtue: What LGBTQ People Know About Life and Love and How It Can Revitalize Christianity

The St Bride’s Public Theology Lecture series brings nationally renowned theologians and philosophers to Liverpool to deliver papers from the cutting edge of thought about the Divine and our world.

This event is free though donations will be invited and there is no need to book.

Venue Address:   St Bride's Church, Percy Street, Liverpool, L8 7LT

Parking is available in the church grounds. 

Refreshments are served from 5.30pm.

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