Retired Clergy

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We value the ministry our retired clergy offer

We are grateful for the ministries of our clergy and wish them to have a happy and fulfilled retirement
This can include a new and different ministry with the parish or beyond.

Increasingly parishes have come to rely on the ministry of retired clergy, and the support they offer is invaluable. With Permission To Officate (PTO) from the Diocesan Bishop, many retired clergy continue to offer a fulfilling and rewarding ministry.

We aim to prepare clergy properly for their retirement and start to help plan for that day  - with conferences, advice and events - starting a few years before the clergy person is actually due to retire.

Financial assistance and training opportunities for retired clergy in the diocese of Liverpool is funded from the Liverpool Diocesan Pension Fund (LDPF), an independent charity linked to the diocese of Liverpool. Click here for applicant guidelines

This section contains links to information that may be helpful in supporting a retired clergy in their ongoing ministry. There is more help available in the rest of the Making it Easier section.