Procedure for DBS Single Certificate Disclosures

Please ensure that you are aware of the procedure with regards to DBS applications.

Advice for vicars and safeguarding coordinators

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) has stopped sending copies of disclosures to Registered Bodies and only sends them to the individual applicants.

So your Safeguarding Coordinator will need to check that all applicants have received the forms. You should not let someone start in a role where you need a disclosure until you have seen that disclosure. You then need to tell us, in writing, that you have carried out the check.
  • You need to check and send us the 
  • name of the worker
  • their disclosure number
  • date of issue
You also need to confirm in writing that you have seen the disclosure and it is clear of blemishes. Send this by email to or to her by post at St James House.

If the disclosure contains any details you need to copy the form by registered mail to:

Brenda Edwards
St James House
St James Road
L1 7BY

Please mark the envelope 'PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL'

If the applicant refuses to show their certificate

In some circumstance applicants may be reluctant to show their disclosure certificate to the safeguarding coordinator (or vicar) due to a conviction. 

If that is the case please tell them to contact Brenda Edwards on 0151 705 2112 who can arrange for them to visit St James’ House where the original disclosure can be viewed. 

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