Creating positive publicity

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Your parish and community has good news to share - often we're so busy getting on with the work that we may not appreciate the bigger difference we could make if more people knew about it.

Can we get help dealing with our positive publicity?
Of course. If you have news or an event that you think may attract, or is, attracting positive publicity, just let the Communications Team know and we can help.

If you prefer, we can handle any press enquiries on your behalf, help draft a statement or provide advice. If you wish, simply take the details of any press enquiries and pass them on to us. Download the 'what to do when a journalist contacts you' sheet and the accompanying message sheet.
Our positive news story involves another agency/partner – will they have their own communications people?
A lot of government agencies and public organisations have their own communications teams who may want to issue a press release.

That is absolutely fine. Just ask to see a draft of the press release before it goes out. If they would like a comment on behalf of the Diocese, please direct them to us.
Can I comment on a good news story?
Of course – whether on TV, press or radio, that is fine.

However, please do let the Communications Team know beforehand in case we get any enquiries in response. We can also give you advice on speaking on radio and TV.
  • If you really don’t feel comfortable about appearing on TV or radio, you do not have to do it - but try and find somebody who can. Consider this possibility before you agree to do anything in the first place.
  • You cannot be forced to comment on anything that you don’t want to.
  • A good journalist (especially on a radio show) will give you a lowdown on what they would like to ask beforehand - simply tell them beforehand if you can’t answer one of their questions or if you are unable to comment on an issue.
  • Remember - what is good news to you may be bad news to someone else (e.g. redevelopment or modernisation of a church building). Think about how you may answer any negative comments beforehand.
  • Think about the key points that you would like to make before the interview, and try and get them in!
  • Don’t forget the other people involved – if the positive news comes from working with someone else, give them credit where you can.
Please also share your good news stories with the Communications Team - we may be able to use it on our website or Bulletin or pass it on to the church press.
Stuart Haynes, Director of Communications, 0151 705 2150

Jude Knight, Communications Manager, 0151 702 7230

Sarah Doyle, Communications Officer 0151 705 2131