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Encouraging churches and schools to work well together

Church and School Partnership Award
This award aims to encourage even stronger links between Church of England schools and the parishes to which they belong.

It is not too difficult to complete an application. It simply requires the commitment and enthusiasm of both school and church.

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If you require further information please contact the Education Department on 0151 705 2190.
Church and School Values Award
This award enables churches and schools to further develop the excellent work they have produced in response to the original Church and School Values Award.

A programme of Christian values can make a difference not only to the lives of the pupils in a school but also to the lives of a whole community. The Diocese of Liverpool believes that its churches can make a difference to their schools as well as their local, national and global communities and we would like you to accept that challenge and demonstrate your response through this award.

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Church and School Worship Award
“The Church and School Worship Award is our most recent addition to our already established awards and is central in helping us to become a bigger church and make a bigger difference.  It is based on the idea of establishing new worshipping communities, centred around the school community but led by the local church. It is hoped that through this different ways of being church can be explored, that more people (adults, teenagers and children) will come to know Jesus as their saviour and that they will grow in their discipleship.”

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