PCC Secretaries

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The PCC Secretary is vital in supporting good governance in our parishes.

It is not just about taking minutes!
The PCC Secretary's role should encompass:
  • ensuring decisions are followed up, perhaps by having an Action Column on the minutes or a section at the end linking all the Actions and Follow-up points together,
  • working with the Incumbent, Treasurer and others to produce the Annual Report,
  • keeping in contact and receiving notes and minutes of any subgroups that the PCC establishes,
  • being the Secretary of the Steering Group of the PCC,
  • keeping the Diocesan Offices informed of changes in Church Warden, etc..
The Secretary plays a vital role in overseeing mission by being effective and efficient.

We hope this section makes it easier for you to be a PCC Secretary. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, please try the 'Making it easier for...' menu for more roles.