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We live in a society which is getting older, but also a society where older people stay active for longer and many people retire early.

This is a great opportunity for mission for our churches, whether that is celebrating the gifts of the 50 and 60 plusers who volunteer in parishes, supporting those searching for faith, those coping with bereavement, or supporting the hidden congregations of elderly people who live in sheltered accommodation, nursing homes and residential homes.
Age UK centres are also useful sources of information.

People in homes for older people
"Go into all the world and preach the gospel" includes taking the wonderful Good News to those in Residential and Nursing Care. The command has no exemptions. Many churches have a powerful ministry in the residential sector, not only to residents but to families and staff - a very large 'hidden congregation'.
If you are involved in this vital ministry, then share your expertise, encourage others and share your gifts with those around you.  This ministry has many strands - one-to-one visiting, services of Holy Communion, Songs of Praise afternoons, Sunday School Reminiscence, Bible study.
Let us know what you are doing. We need to share our knowledge and pool our resources to reach even more people with the Good News of God's love and grace.

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