Meet our new Readers - Graham Fuller

In the latest of our reader profiles we meet Graham Fuller who serves at Roby St Bartholomew.

Graham is now an IT technician after working for the Post Office for twenty three years. He plans to continue working full time alongside his role as a reader, saying that his training for reader ministry has actually helped him at work.

Graham was born and brought up in Aldershot, Hampshire but has been an adopted 'scouser' for over forty years. It was at Roby St Bartholomew where he made his lasting connection with church.

Graham said: “I went to church as a boy but left in my teenage years and did not return to regular church attendance until 1985 when the second of my two children was born. Since then I have attended St Bartholomew’s church in Roby regularly and have been involved in the leadership team there.”

Before becoming a reader, Graham held two positions in church, firstly as covenant secretary, which he still holds now under the different title of gift aid secretary. The other responsibly he had was as a church warden for nine years, two of which were during an interregnum.

Graham recounts his journey to becoming a reader: “It was after stepping down from the church warden position that I decided I would take a break for twelve months with no responsibility, but it seems that God had other ideas! The longer time went on, the more I was convinced that he was calling me to reader ministry. I asked others to pray about this and they too were convinced that this is what I should be doing. At first I could not say in what area my reader ministry could be used, but since completing the initial part of my studies I believe I have been called to encourage others within the church fellowship to strengthen and develop their faith and in doing so will help me to develop my own.”