Meet our new Deacons - Rev Sue Thomas

This week we meet Sue Thomas who serves at Formby Holy Trinity and Altcar St Michael and All Angels.

On June 30th, eleven new deacons were ordained to serve in the Diocese of Liverpool. Many of them have been kind enough to share their stories with us. This week we meet Sue Thomas, who serves at Holy Trinity and Altcar St Michael and All Angels.

Sue started attending St. Michael's, Huyton because she'd met the vicar's wife in her first teaching job. After attending church for 10 years, Sue was licensed as a Reader which allowed her to lead and preach.

For a long time, Sue felt that being a Reader was as far as she was meant to go: “When I started the process of becoming a Reader in the 1990s my vicar said he felt I should be ordained but at that time I had no sense of calling. At my Reader interview, I was asked about considering OLM ministry, but I remember saying that teaching was so demanding I'd probably end up doing both roles badly!”

During the 1990s Sue visited Romania in her holidays and taught English. This experience strengthened her relationship with church even further: “I remember the poverty being overwhelming and people in my church being very generous, giving me items to take to the children I was teaching. Sometimes there was too much for me to take on the plane!”

Sue says her eventual journey to ordination was very gradual, and in many ways took her by surprise. “In 2008 my relationship with God developed and changed. Then on 3rd May 2009, a friend's mum said that I should have my own church and later on the same day, when a friend prayed with me, I realised that God was calling me to be ordained.”

As part of her ordination training, Sue enjoyed a placement Whiston Hospital, saying, “Whilst I am not sure whether that is solely where my future ministry lies, it really equipped me with new skills and a real insight into a ministry that has the potential to touch nearly everyone at some stage in their lives.”

Sue added: “I really enjoy listening to people talk about their experiences of God and I am looking forward to getting to know people in both Formby and Altcar. One of the things which attracted me to this benefice is the fact that the churches in Formby collaborate and work together, such as at the outdoor nativity.”