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Working strategically with local authorities and partners across our region.

The whole of England is covered by parishes and clergy are resident in every area. Churches are symbols of unity and resources, church schools are increasing in popularity and clergy chair key bodies at all levels.
The Diocese of Liverpool has a great track record in working strategically with others.  
The Board of Education liaises with the relevant education authorities in the eight boroughs and works closely with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese.
Church and Society have close links with bodies like the Merseyside Charitable Trust Group, the Police and Crime Commissioner and the Changeup Consortium (linking the key voluntary sector support bodies. Each of the eight boroughs has a Civic Link. 
Mission in the Economy has links with key statutory and business agencies and has a number of industrial chaplains.
We have a uniquely broad experience of supporting parishes in what are traditionally called Urban Priority Areas, but in Liverpool we have a special category called Designated Priority Areas.
We also have a key role in relation to social and community action projects through Together Liverpool, our partnership initiative with the Church Urban Fund.
Our sector ministers act as a bridge between the church and a range of key bodies including universities, schools, seafarers, prisons, hospitals, industry, hospices and more.