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We talk to the Chair of the Liturgy and Worship Forum Rev Jeremy Fagan about their role.

As the Liturgy and Worship Forum announce initial details of Bishop Richard's  Conference on worship and liturgy in November, we talk to the Chair of the Liturgy and Worship Forum Rev Jeremy Fagan about their role.

Jeremy, Team Rector for the Kirkby Team, spoke about the theme of the conference - which looks at the new baptism liturgy, an initiative which was spurred on by thinking from our diocese.

"Many clergy in our diocese reflected on the inability of some parts of the baptism service to reach the communities we served. So we were pleased that following an impassioned debate at General Synod the liturgical commission was asked to offer alternatives to some key elements".

That led to revisions to the decision, prayer over the water and the commission. These new parts will be tried in some of our parishes and their experience will form part of our reflections in November.

"It was clear to many that the baptism service was not fit for purpose. Unlike say a marriage where the words have entered the common consciousness - parts of the baptism service simply beat people over the head," said Jeremy.

Some parishes involved in the trial will reflect on their experience and the conference will also hear from Anders Bergquist and Sandra Millar. Anders is on the drafting committee of the Liturgical Commission, while Sandra is national officer involved in the baptism project - looking at how we can use this ministry to connect with our communities.

"These are two high profile speakers, each with a unique perspective on baptism. A chance to hear from them how this ministry is shaping up, is not to be missed."

All told, the half day conference looks as though it will be an opportunity to get updated on good baptismal practice whilst sharing ideas with like minded individuals. It will give space to reflect on our own baptism practices and to grow and develop this ministry.

"Baptism is a mission opportunity," Jeremy told us. "This conference helps us take stock and think about how we offer worship that enables this opportunity to be realised fully."

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Liturgy & Worship Forum

Originally convened by Bishop Richard the forum exists to promote liturgy and worship in our diocese. It's open to all and members come from every tradition in our church. As well as organising Bishop Richard's conference the forum has composed a diocesan prayer and advises on a range of liturgical matters. You can get more support on our website with up to date links of resources.


Bishop Richard's Conference on Baptism

Nov 23rd 9am to 1pm
Liverpool Hope University

The conference will include conversations about how to support good baptismal practice, along with reflections on the trials of the new liturgy and input from Rev Dr Anders Bergquist who was on the drafting committee and Dr Sandra Millarwho is looking at Baptisms in the Church of England. All bookings via Eventbrite