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Liverpool Diocese Worship and Liturgy Forum

The Forum exists as a place for everyone interested in high quality worship and liturgy in our life as a diocese, both in our individual churches and parishes, and also in our shared life together. The work of the group has been in organising the Bishop’s Conferences, as well as providing advice and support where we are able, and in maintaining a liturgical resource in St. James’ House.

The first conference organised by the forum was the successful conference on Common Prayer, which achieved a national profile as we debated what it meant to continue the Anglican tradition of prayer, common to all churches, while also properly allowing for local difference and culture.

Building on a diocesan initiative of the last few years, which has seen the diocese successfully petitioning General Synod to request more accessible baptism texts, our conference in 2013 looked at the Baptism liturgy. With two high profile speakers, this was an opportunity to consider current practice and to engage with some research, local and national, into baptism.

Members of the forum are also available to offer support to parishes and deaneries, and are willing to provide training sessions where we can.

Read the Communion by Extension Guidelines here

Liturgical lending library

Within the Ark in St. James’ House, there is a shelf of liturgical resources available for borrowing. If there is a resource that you think it would be worth us getting, please let us know.

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