Initial Ministerial Education

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Training for Reader and Ordained Ministry

Training for ministry
Those selected for either licensed or ordained ministry are trained in their vocation and formed for ministry.

There are a variety of options for training. We help you discern which best suits your needs and circumstances.

We have two high quality local routes to ordination through

  • All Saints Centre for Mission and Ministry: All Saints offers a part-time course training for ordained or Reader ministry. Teaching is on weeknights in centres across the northwest (including Liverpool) with residential weekends for ordinands and Sunday study days for Readers. They offer creative, mission-focussed learning. 
  • St Mellitus North West St Aidan's Centre: St Mellitus offers an innovative training pathway. On this full-time course you would spend half the time in study - including time at Liverpool Cathedral, the other half is in a church or mission context.
This section has more information about these training routes.

National Theological Colleges

There are many national theological colleges that offer full time training routes for ordination,
You can find details here.