Growing disciples

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'Therefore go and make disciples' - Mt 28:19

Being a disciple means being a learner, trainee, follower - a follower of Jesus.
  • 'Come follow me, Jesus said' - Matthew 4:19
  • 'I am the way, the truth and the life' - John 14:6
  • “Who belonged to the Way”-  Acts 9:2
NT Wright says: ‘The question of Jesus - who he really was, what he really did, what it means, and why it matters - remains hugely important in every area, not only in personal life, but also in political life, not only in ‘religion’ or ‘spirituality’, but also in… culture, justice, beauty, ecology, friendship, scholarship, and sex.’

Discipleship is following, walking with, the one we trust.  It is centred on this one whom we follow, who we allow to shape our life, whose own life begins to transform our lives, in whom we find our eternal destiny.  For Christians this is Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God.

Discipleship is about:
  • BELONGING - becoming part of the community of those who follow Jesus.
  • BEHAVING - adopting a life-style which reflects the reign of God on earth. Discipleship
  • BELIEVING - accepting the teaching of Jesus and putting all our trust in Him.
Discipleship is not a course, or a stage in becoming a Christian - it is a continuous, life-long, process of allowing God to shape every aspect of our lives - and that will only be completed when we see Him face to face but, until then, check out our 'Nurture Courses' download on the right.

There are a large variety of Discipleship programmes out there on the market.  Here is a list of the some of the most well-known, and a few not so well-known for your to consider.