Giving In Grace

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'But who am I, and who are my people, that we should be able to give as generously as this? Everything comes from you, and we have given you only what comes from your hand.' 1 Chronicles 29:14 - NIV

Giving In Grace - Giving for mission
How we exercise our stewardship of the money within our control is directly related to where we are in our personal journey of faith.

As any parent will know, the stewardship of money has to be taught and caught - in our consumer society self control and generosity don't come easily.

The Diocese of Liverpool has produced a wealth of material at Giving In Grace for use by any church, large and small, to help teach Christian giving and to help build each church as a community of generous givers. This fully resourced stewardship programme has been tried and tested in parishes around the country and churches have seen significant increases in their direct giving. 

Giving In Grace blends biblically based thinking about generosity with clear, practical guidance on running an effective stewardship programme. The website offers tools for financial analysis as part of building a case statement, rich resources for preaching stewardship and teaching in small groups, templates for information leaflets, writing letters and a guidance on following up congregational responses. Case studies from churches that have used Giving In Grace can be found in the Useful links box, alongside a leaflet that provides an overview of the Giving In Grace stewardship programme.
More than a stewardship programme
The Giving In Grace website hosts a growing range of stewardship resources, and signposts resources and best practice from around the country. You will find resources for an Annual Review of Giving and, still under development, resources for Gift Aid, budgeting, financial analysis and more.  

if you want to discuss running a stewardship programme within your church please contact Gordon Fath, Steve Pierce or Cath Gaskell in the Resources Team.