For your diary 2019

Plan your diary by using our brief overview of some key services and events. We can’t cover everything here but this gives a start. We will announce more details of each event as we have them in the Bulletin or keep an eye on

LifeCall: Directions - Our directions course is for people, like you who want to discover how best they can serve God. You may have a sense of God’s call but not be sure what this is to, or how you can respond.

The next course starts: January 2019, Thursdays in term time at 7.15-9.30pm.

LifeCall for Lay Ministry - This event offers you the opportunity to explore the pathway to investigate different aspects of Lay ministry within the Diocese.

23rd February 2019

New Congregations: Answering the ‘Why’, ‘What’ & ‘How’ Questions
Are you interested in starting a new congregation? Need more information about what it involves?

Be inspired about starting a worship group of your own, and find out what the next steps might be for you.

Thursday 24th January 2019 19:00 – 21:30
Safeguarding Training
Clergy and Reader C3 Training - Foundation and Leadership Module - National Training for Vulnerable Adults and Children

Sat 9 February 2019

Tue 2 April 2019

Mon 10 June 2019

Parish C2 Training - National Training for Vulnerable Adults and Children

Mon 28 January 2019

Tue 5 February 2019

Tue 19 February 2019

Wed 6 March 2019

S1 Safer Recruitment - In Safer Recruitment training you’ll find out about the legislation and practice guidance for safer recruitment.

Wed 13 March 2019

Wed 25 September 2019

It’s All About the Welcome! - Open the Box
How do we welcome families into our worshipping communities?

You are invited to join us at our Open the Box event, aptly titled ‘It’s All About the Welcome!’, to consider how the welcome we give families is crucial to developing our engagement with this group.

Sat 9 February 2019
Women's Voices - Liverpool
Women’s Voices – Liverpool explores the unique value of women’s preaching for the whole church. Why does the church need to hear women’s voices? What can women preachers add to our understanding of God, life and faith?

Saturday 11th May 2019 10:00 – 16:00
Ordination of Priests Saturday 8th June 2019
Ordination of Deacons Sunday 30th June 2019