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Good stewardship and money management underpin the ministry and mission of our churches and are a vital part of personal discipleship

A church's finances can be a blessing that enables the church to pay for ministry and mission, reach out to the community, keep buildings comfortable and in good repair as well as share God's blessing with others.

Many churches achieve this, but it is not always easy and some churches do struggle. Each church's circumstances are different - some wrestle with expensive buildings, others are in areas of real poverty, and some have declining congregations. In some cases money is a symptom not the cause, and points to problems that need to be addressed.
How we can help
The Resources Team at St James' House is here to support the stewardship work of every church in the diocese. We do so in four key ways:
  1. Since 2005 Giving in Grace has offered tried and tested, biblically based and practical guidance on planning and running a stewardship programme. We can help with both planning and preaching, and guide you through the comprehensive resources on this growing website.
  2. The Diocese of Liverpool is an early adopter of the innovative and important Parish Giving Scheme, a new charitable giving programme which facilitates planned giving by Direct Debit at no cost to the local church. We are also one of the few dioceses which offer a central Gift Aid scheme to take much of the burden off the local church.
  3. Beyond The Collection Plate is a new resource helping churches to develop their income streams. We can help establish Friends groups, develop a legacy strategy, maximise Gift Aid and grow a community of generous givers.
  4. Our Resources Team is here to offer experienced, high quality, hands-on practical advice and support to churches including: preparing a budget, claiming Gift Aid, the new Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme, and much besides.
For stewardship issues, church budgets and reducing general church expenditure, email or call 0151 705 2180.
Parish Investments
For help, information and support in regard to Parish Trusts and financial investments, please see the Investments page.
Diocesan Finances
For information about the finances of the diocese, please see the Diocesan Accounts page.  Copies of the Annual Report and Accounts for the Liverpool Diocesan Board of Finance are also available on this page.

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Parish finances

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For stewardship issues, church budgets and reducing general church expenditure:
0151 705 2180