Father Richard announced as the next Sub Dean of Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford

Downing Street has announced that Father Richard Peers, currently Director of Education for our diocese, is to be the next Sub Dean of Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford.

As Sub Dean, Father Richard will be responsible for the day-to-day life of the Cathedral and the congregation’s pastoral care. He will be Vice-Chair of the Cathedral School and a full member of the Governing Body of Christ Church. 

Father Richard has been Director of Education here since 2016 and has brought a great amount of drive and energy to the role. Under his leadership, we established the Liverpool Diocesan Schools Trust and have seen worshipping communities flourish under the Belong initiative. 

The Board of Education and the education team are thinking about how we fill the Director of Education role in both the short term and into the future. But we have an excellent team that has flourished under Father Richard and will continue to be brilliant for the diocese, our schools and the children in our care.

Bishop Paul said "This is very good news indeed for Fr Richard and for Christ Church, and I rejoice with them. But in this Diocese we will miss him very much. As our Director of Education he has steered our schools through substantial change while sustaining excellent pastoral care for heads, teachers and school staff as well as a great connection with our children and young adults.

His thoughtful, clear and prayerful presence in the senior leadership of the Diocese has influenced and blessed us all. I am confident that the coming years will be rich and fruitful; Richard and Jim will enter that new chapter enfolded in prayers, blessings and love from Liverpool."

Read Christ Church Oxford's announcement here