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We believe that God created all people equal and we try to make sure we follow that value in all that we do.

Racial Justice
Racial Justice is a challenge to us all, whether we live in rural West Lancashire or inner city Liverpool.  How do we work, socialise and pray with people of different backgrounds? How do we, as Christians, challenge the prejudice that exists against people of different racial origins, asylum seekers, refugees and migrant workers?
We have an Action Group for Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns.This is a joint initiative with the Diocese of Chester. It aims to look at issues like how we involve Anglicans of ethnic minority backgrounds in our schools (as students and governors), in our ministry (by nurturing them to be readers and clergy) and by being inclusive in the images that we use.
The Chair of AGMEAC is Val Jackson
Older People
We live in a society which is getting older, but also a society where older people stay active for longer and many people retire early.  

This is a great opportunity for mission for our churches, whether that is celebrating the gifts of the 50 and 60 plusers who volunteer in parishes, supporting those searching for faith, those coping with bereavement, or supporting the hidden congregations of elderly people who live in sheltered accommodation, nursing homes and residential homes.
We have an Honorary Advisor, Mary Kessler, who can advise on these issues: marykessler@idnet.com
Age UK centres are also useful sources of information.

People in homes for older people
"Go into all the world and preach the gospel" includes taking the wonderful Good News to those in Residential and Nursing Care. The command has no exemptions. Many churches have a powerful ministry in the residential sector, not only to residents but to families and staff - a very large 'hidden congregation'.
If you are involved in this vital ministry, then share your expertise, encourage others and share your gifts with those around you.  This ministry has many strands - one-to-one visiting, services of Holy Communion, Songs of Praise afternoons, Sunday School Reminiscence, Bible study.
Let us know what you are doing. We need to share our knowledge and pool our resources to reach even more people with the Good News of God's love and grace.

Guidance leaflets
Created in His Image
Sunday School Reminisence
The Mental Capacity Act
Quality Care at home or in residential settings
Right Care, Right Time - End of LIfe Care Leaflet
A guide on Transport and Day Trips
Women's Issues
We do lots of work to support and promote the ministry of women.

In September 2014 36% of our licensed clergy were women and Liverpool has a track record of women in senior positions. One third of our Area Deans are women.  The third statistical report on women clergy in the church has been produced.  Click here

We are engaged in issues affecting women at the margins – via the Josephine Butler Trust and the Diocesan Council for Social Aid which runs Adelaide House, a premises approved by the National Offender Management Service and the Women’s Issues Network.

They support our work on Domestic Violence and we recently hosted the Merseyside Domestic Abuse Summit, co sponsored by the Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner.  This was the first major Josephine Butler Summit and another in December in 2014 is on Women's Leadership in the Church.

The Mothers’ Union is strong and active. The President is June Houghton and the Secretary Pauline Lewis who is based at St James House.
Information regarding disability can be found in Governance section of the web site.
Mental Health
A Diocesan Mental Health Network has recently been established chaired by the Revd Elaine Jones.  Elaine can be contacted on StBede-StClement@outlook.com
The Diocese has reflected on issues such as same-sex marriage, and Church and Society will be undertaking a major piece of work to bring to Bishop’s Council on the Pilling Report.