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By standing together, even small churches can receive bulk discounts

Energy represents a big part of the running costs for each church.

In 2013 the Church of England and Church in Wales created their first ever Energy Basket, which helped parishes, cathedrals, schools and church offices save money on their energy bills.

The Energy Basket uses the bulk buying power of the Church to obtain competitive prices for your gas and electricity. The first Basket in 2013 represented a total energy spend of £7m and saved those that joined around £750,000.

What is the Energy Basket?
Buying energy in bulk, direct from the wholesale market; that's the Energy Basket at its simplest. Energy is purchased on behalf of each church, along with many other sites – schools and cathedrals. Doing so allows everyone to take advantage of bulk buying power and lower the cost of their overall energy usage.

Each Energy Basket contract starts on 1st October and is renewed annually. Don't worry if your church's contract is up before then - Parish Buying can offer an interim contract to take you from the end of your current contract, up to the start of the next Basket. The last date to sign up to the next Basket is normally 30th April each year.

Energy Basket Alternative
Parish Buying can also act as a general Energy Broker for your church offering quotations for 1, 2 or 3 year contracts.

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