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Good churches manage people well

Many parishes across our diocese have employees to help them with their mission and ministry.  These employees include Administrators, Secretaries, Youth and Children’s workers, Community workers and Caretakers.  In addition the Church of England is resourced by the loyal commitment of volunteers. We want all churches to be the best, most responsible employees. We want to make it easier for you to get the right advice and help to be excellent employers.

The Employers Handbook

We recommend that parishes refer to  The Employers Handbook by Barry Cushway, published by Kogan Page.  The book is regularly updated so you will need to ensure you keep the most up to date edition.

Dealing with disputes

If you are in a situation where you think you are moving to a dispute with an employee (including job applicants and former employees) or there has been an accident, you should always contact your insurer (or legal helpline) – even if you think it is unlikely to escalate it is important to keep them informed.

For help and advice

If you still need help, please contact our HR Director Sharon Townson who normally works Tuesdays to Thursdays: sharon.townson@liverpool.anglican.org
or our HR Officer Jeanette Owens who works Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: jeanette.owens@liverpool.anglican.org.


Within this Section

Practice Safer Recruitment

For details on making sure you follow best practice in Safer Recruitment go to our Safeguarding pages