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Ensuring we have democratically elected representative PCCs

PCC elections are governed by the Church Representation Rules. below we have some basic pointers to how an election can be run.

The number of directly elected members of the Parochial Church Council is dependent on the size of the church's electoral roll.  Each PCC member has a term of office lasting 3 years.  One third of these members should retire each year and may stand for re-election.
  • Roll (1-49)  PCC Members: 6
  • Roll (50-99)  PCC Members: 9
  • Roll (100-199)  PCC Members: 12
  • Roll (200+)  PCC Members: 15

Nomination Forms for Elections: these can be found on the Annual Meetings page. Each form shows the correct qualifications, criteria and disqualifications.

Ex-Officio Members: Parish reps on Deanery Synods (or Diocesan or General Synods) are automatically members of a PCC irrespective of how they got on to the Deanery, Diocesan or General Synod. However they can also stand for election to the PCC as well if they so choose.

Co-opted Members of PCCs: a PCC my co-opt up to two additional members if they have 12 or less directly elected PCC memebrs or three if they have fifteen or more. Co-options can be people to fulfil a specific role or perhaps someone who has moved into the parish recently but has not been on the electoral roll for six months. Co-opted members can be either clergy or laity.

New Roll Preparation
Every six years a new church electoral roll must be prepared. At this time, everyone wishing to have their name entered on the new Roll of their church, whether already entered on the current Roll or not, must apply for enrolment. The next new Roll preparation will take place in 2019.