Eco Diocese Update – November 2019

On Sunday 17th November 2019 our Diocese will be hosting an Eco Church celebration & a partnership Interfaith week climate-focused event – please join us at either or both. 

Our Eco Church & Diocese celebration will be the focus for the 10:30 am morning service in the Cathedral.  Canon Neal Barnes is preaching and Canon Ellen Loudon is presiding.  Our music, hymns and readings will be rooted in our creation theme.

We began 2019 with Bishop Paul’s declaration of ‘Going for Gold’ Eco Diocese at which point we had one awarded Eco Church – St Martin’s, Kirkby and none registered.   At the Cathedral on 17th November, we’ll be celebrating 50 registered Eco churches and 11 of those have been awarded Bronze, Silver or Gold – this is an incredible testament to many people across the Diocese – well done to all.

Please do come and celebrate with us at the 10.30 service …no need to book.

In the afternoon we’ll be celebrating Interfaith Week & Mitzvah Day with a climate-themed event with our friends from different Christian denominations and other world faiths, hosted by Bishop Paul in the St Aidan’s Centre. 

A Mitzvah is a commandment in Jewish law, it translates into acts of kindness or good deeds where Jews and non- Jews volunteer together, developing genuine relationships and addressing needs in our communities leading to a more harmonious society.  Mitzvah is an integral part of Jewish life. 

Read more about Mitzvah Day

We’ll be starting our day with lunch, bringing Mitzvah donations if we can and learning about the environment & climate actions from our Jewish, Muslim and Christian friends.  Together we will commit to actions on climate change in the city region.

Booking is essential for the afternoon event and we have just a small number of places left….

We can still offer Eco Church support to help churches complete any stage of the Eco Church process. Please email or call us at Faiths4Change or 0151 705 2111.

Thank you
St Peters, Formby and St Martins, Kirkby have recently received Eco Awards, Silver and Bronze respectively. 
Revd Nathan Thorpe, St Peters, Formby said "Several things were a catalyst in beginning the journey. Many of us had been increasingly convicted by recent programmed such as 'Blue Planet' - and coalesced around conversations. We have land that could be used ecologically, and we were reviewing our preaching and teaching. Anne & I attended a Faiths 4 Change forum at the Wirral Deen centre to get more ideas and meet others who were interested in contributing to this area.

The main things we have put in place at the church have been a water butt for the garden of remembrance flowers, 'eco-tips' in monthly magazine. Environmental impact included on the specification for the new heating system. The environmental impact of our overseas link was also considered, and steps taken to reduce our environmental impact at the project. We will continue working towards the eco-church gold award through the eco-group & wider church."

Revd Jeremy Fagan, St Martins, Kirkby said "We have a community garden with allotments used by different groups, we encourage energy-reducing measures and transport efficiencies (cost and environment work together for these!), we think regularly about environmental issues through liturgy, music and preaching, including using liturgies that come from Iona and the ‘Celtic’ tradition. We have made achieving the Silver Award the next step in our journey, which we think will be challenging but achievable."