Displaced People

Our Do Ten Things focus for February is Displaced People

The North-West has become a focus both for asylum seekers and for refugees, and the home of much of the tribunal system. Across Liverpool Diocese there are a number of programs supported by local churches and agencies which welcome asylum seekers and refugees into their community providing a safe space where they can be welcomed and receive support, kindness and friendship.

In Liverpool Diocese our primary aim is to support the statutory agencies as well as professionals from the voluntary and charitable sector in their strategic approach of support, empowerment, and integration of displaced people into our communities. Faith communities are often perceived as safe and welcoming places for people as they arrive in this country. Such people can be fearful and anxious, suffering through poverty and disorientation, and as faith communities, we are uniquely placed to support local authorities in assisting displaced people to access relevant services and sign-post appropriately.

So, how can you help?
Do ten things:
1. Read Matthew 25:35-40. Pray about Asylum Seekers, what’s happening to cause this conflict in the world – don’t ask what an Asylum Seeker is but Who is an Asylum Seeker.

2. Put yourself in their shoes – what are 3 things you would take with you if you had to leave your house tonight and never come back. Read more

3. Find a local church or organisation that supports Refugees and find out what they do?

Could be; Asylum Link Merseyside, Refugee Women Connect, Red Cross, Merseyside Refugee Support Network, Sahir House, the Kindness project, contact Rev Pennie 07941 652488 kindness@togetherliverpool.org.uk, SHARe based in Knowsley, an ecumenical volunteer group that runs a valuable drop in centre in Prescot  www.shareknowsley.org.uk

4. Learn a few words of greeting. 'Salam alaikum' or just 'salam' covers the following languages – Amharic, Tigrinya, Farsi, Arabic – 'Bonjour' is also useful. A Smile is Universal.

5. Meet an Asylum Seeker – through the football, the choir, the table tennis team or arranging a visit to the Asylum Link Merseyside centre.

6. Helping – Donating Goods: collecting clothes, Food or Toiletries for donating. Here is how to donate to Asylum Link

7. Sign up to attend the Liverpool Diocese Asylum Seeker & Refugee Conference 21st May 2020 at Liverpool Parish Church to hear of good practice in churches and how the Diocese is working in partnership with Liverpool City Council and other agencies.

8. Get involved in volunteering as a: friend, teacher, caseworker, cook, bike mechanic – supporting an Asylum Organisation in some way.

9. Offer to host someone for a day out, a weekend or a couple of weeks.

10. Campaign with These Walls Must Fall to challenge immigration detention www.detention.org.uk
Support people in immigration detention through visiting and befriending www.aviddetention.org.uk

For further information please contact Revd Jane Morgan, Bishop’s Chaplain for Displaced People jane.morgan@liverpool.anglican.org