Disability Audits

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The mission of the church is to have doors which are open – it is about physical access (are the doors suitable for wheelchairs?), the way we run our meetings and worship (do the loops work, are there large print versions of hymn books?) and the way we treat people.

Specialist advice on disability audits is available from Debbie Doran .  

from Chester Diocese, Action on Disability Resource Pack.

Heavenly Father, we ask your blessing on our churches.
May the doorways be wide enough to welcome all who need your love and ours,
narrow enough to shut out evil and strife.
May the thresholds be smooth enough to present no stumbling blocks to children,
nor barriers to those who are elderly and disabled.
May the doors be strong to turn back the tempter’s power
but open and inviting to those who are your guests.
May they be doorways to your eternal kingdom.
Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.