Diocesan Synod approves the latest version of our Growth Agenda

Diocesan Synod has approved the updated and revised version of the Growth Agenda at its meeting on Saturday.

Growing in Christ will lead us into the future

Diocesan Synod approved the revised and updated version of the Growth Agenda at its meeting on Saturday. It was passed by an overwhelming majority, with lots of people making positive comments. The document, Growing in Christ, s out a three year plan for growth that builds on the momentum of our last plan approved in 2011.

In his introduction to the document Bishop Richard said “Growing in Christ aims to take forward the growth agenda over the next three years. It consolidates the work already started and incorporates some of the more recent developments around local leadership and vocations. It retains that sense of focus, that urgency that we must have to maintain if not increase momentum. Indeed, if we try to stand still it will simply result in us losing ground and, in effect, go backwards.”

Growing in Christ talks frankly about the challenges ahead. It s out an urgent threefold challenge of ageing money, broken buildings and retiring clergy. As Bishop Richard said “We have ageing congregations. The average age of our congregations is 61, significantly higher than the population’s average age of 48. This leads to ageing money. Our churches rely heavily on giving that is concentrated within this older generation.

“Our clergy are retiring. 40% will retire in the next 10 years. It takes about 8 years from the first expression of interest about ordination to licensing a priest into his or her first incumbency to replace those who are retiring. So we must act now.

“Our buildings are breaking, and are breaking us. They were not built for 21st century purposes. They drain time, money and energy and distract us from mission and ministry.”

This is the challenge which we face and the challenge that the actions of the document seek to address through ideas to:-

• continue to maintain a high level of parish share payment in order to support mission and ministry in every parish in our diocese
• develop models of leadership and encourage vocations so every worshipping community is well led
• ask, and seek solutions, to the challenging questions of the health and sustainability of our parishes and suitability of our buildings
• make good appointments, resource strong mission ideas and make it easier to run parishes.

It is a challenge that includes and involves us all. One of the strongest aspects of our previous plans is the level of understanding, support and commitment given by all parishes. This has led us to being a growing diocese and a diocese in good heart able to face the future challenges head on.

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