Designated Priority Areas

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The Diocese of Liverpool has a policy of commitment and priority to Godly ministry in areas of deprivation

To be recognised as a DPA parishes have to be:
  1. Within the upper 5% in the country of the Ministry of Housing,
    Communities & Local Government Index of Multiple Deprivation
  2. Willingness of church leaders and the wider congregation to engage in the church’s mission as shown in the parish development plan
  3. Inadequate financial resources of their own i.e. less than 12 months unrestricted reserves.
The Diocesan Strategy for targeting Areas of Deprivation works towards ensuring priority for DPAs in a range of areas and enables assistance through grants for staff and training, and small items of capital and development work.

Read more about the DPA strategy.
DPA funding
There is a small fund to offer additional support to clergy and stipendiary licensed lay workers in DPAs.
  • This recognises that parish resources may be limited and thus small grants to cover retreats, short training courses, study leave and equipment may be available.
  • In addition grants are given to stipendiary clergy and stipendiary lay ministers who live and work in DPAs towards the costs of car insurance which are high.
  • Stipendiary clergy whose main role is working at the Universities or among the Deaf Community are also eligible.
Contact your Archdeacon for further information.