DBS verifiers - new changes to completion of application forms and procedure for single certificates

There are two important changes to the DBS application forms, effective immediately. One is with regards to the phrases used in the Position applied for' (field 61) section and the other regarding the procedure for single certificates.

1. Position applied for - what you need to do

Due to a change in legislation, you will need to complete field x61 on the application form differently and you should start to do this right now. Changing the way you complete this field now, for all DBS application forms, will ensure that any DBS certificate issued after the Update Service commences can be used by the individual in the new service. This is because the Police will now use the broader definition of 'workforce' to assess the relevance of any information that they may consider for release, in place of 'position applied for'.

Action Required

You should now include one of the following phrases in field x61, line 1:
  • Child Workforce'. Use this for any position that involves working/volunteering with children.
  • Adult Workforce'. Use this for any position that involves working/volunteering with adults.
  • Child and Adult Workforce'. Use this for any position that involves working/volunteering with both children and adults.
  • 'Other Workforce'. Use this for any position that does not involve working/volunteering with Children or Adults e.g. security guard.

The job title e.g. Sunday School Leader should be written in x61 line 2.

N.B.If the form is not completed in this way, the DBS will reject it and return the application as void.

There is no need to include the word “Voluntary” in a job title as this is confirmed in question X68.

2. Single Certificate - Procedure Change

With effect from 17th June 2013 the Disclosure and Barring Service will no longer send Registered Bodies a copy of an individual's DBS certificate.

It is therefore imperative that all criminal record disclosures should be shown to the safeguarding representative at church / circuit / parish/ district /diocesan level as appropriate. Applications must NOT take up their position (voluntary or employed) until the ORIGINAL DBS disclosure has been seen.
  • Those with clear criminal record disclosures (i.e. ABSOLUTELY NO INFORMATION UPON THEM BEYOND THE ADDRESS AND ROLE APPLIED FOR) can be cleared for work/volunteering. The safeguarding coordinator should to notify St James’s House in writing / email of the name of worker, date of clearance and the disclosure number.(Email brenda.edwards@liverpool.anglican.org  or telephone 0151 705 2112)
  • Criminal record disclosures WITH ANY INFORMATION ON AT ALL need to be copied by the representative and immediately sent to the Diocesan Safeguarding advisor for advice (Su Foster, St James’ House, 20 St James’ Road, Liverpool, L1 7BY). Please mark the envelope “Private and Confidential”.
  • Under the terms of the Data Protection Act, copies of Disclosures should NOT be kept by the parish office. Only the copy of blemished disclosures will be maintained by St James’ House for the duration of enquiries / appeals to be made after which they will then be destroyed.

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