October 2019

1st DEANERY OF NORTH MEOLS - AD Steve McGanity, LC John Fell
2nd Ainsdale St John V: Graham Birch, Re: Sarah Hope, Eirlys Jessop, Ainsdale St John's CE Primary School
3rd North Meols Team Ministry TR: Rebecca Clarke, Re: Pam Morris
- Banks St Stephen in the Banks Re: Anna Wallbank, Banks St Stephen's CE Primary School
- Banks St Stephen Church at the Centre
- Crossens St John OLM: Chris Gregory, Re: Karen Corbett, St John's CE Primary School
- North Meols St Cuthbert Re: Roger Abrams, Brenda Jagger
4th Birkdale St James V: Ian Mainey, HCt: Keith Leiper, Re: Dorothy Bridson, Joyce Roberts- Birkdale St John PiC: Jeremy Leffler, Re: Christine Baker, John Cotterall
5th Birkdale St Peter PiC: Ian Mainey, Re: Peter Gladney
6th The Sixteenth Sunday After Trinity
Kew St Francis of Assisi V: Alex Galbraith, Re: Margaret Webb
7th Southport All Saints PiC: Revd Dr Thomas David Leonard LML: Alan Buckley, Re: Stephen Hosker
8th Southport Christ Church V: Steve McGanity, AS: Simon Renison, PM(NSM) Rob Milton, Re: Alan Buckley
9th Southport Emmanuel Re: Sara Ford, Jean Lee
10th New Congregation - Marshside was started to reach people who live on it's relatively unchurched and unreached Marshside Estate in Southport.  Please pray that we will find a better local venue to meet in, invite and welcome new people into the group and share our faith joyfully
11th Southport Holy Trinity Re: Toni Ashcroft, Sue Palmer, Holy Trinity CE Primary School
12th Southport St Luke Re: Peter Devine
13th The Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity
Southport St Philip & St Paul with Wesley LML: Rachel Bray, Re: Christine Moyes, St Philip's CE Primary School
14th Southport St Simon & St Jude with All Souls PiC: David Whitehouse, AS: Andy Liggins, Re: Helena Knapton, Keith Knapton, Bishop David Sheppard CE Primary School
15th DEANERY OF ORMSKIRK AD: Duncan Petty, AAD: Andrew Housley, LC: David Burgess, YW: Joanna Marshall, Christine Spencer
16th New Congregation: Church4All is an alternative worship service for people in Maghull and Melling, on Sunday afternoons.  Please pray that we will work well together, make strong connections with local people and help them to become disciples of Jesus.
17th Aughton St Michael & Bickerstaffe Holy Trinity SMT- Aughton St Michael R: Andrew Housley, Re: Bill Glennon, Aughton St Michael's CE Primary School
18th Bickerstaffe Holy Trinity V: Andrew Housley, Bickerstaffe CE Primary School
19th Aughton Christ Church V: Sarah O'Donoghue, Re: Liz Chalk, Jonathan Lock, Peter Stewart, Aughton Christ Church CE Primary School
20th The Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity
Dalton St Michael PiC: Paul Lock, Dalton St Michael's CE Primary School
21st Burscough Bridge St John V: David Banbury, AS: Elliot Ireton, NSM: Wendy Williams, Re: Christine Donnelly, Alan Rimmer, St John's CE Primary School and Lordsgate Township CE School
22nd Halsall, Lydiate and Downholland St Cuthbert and St Thomas R: Paul Robinson, NSM: Alex Baker, Re: Glenys Gardner, David Walker, Halsall St Cuthbert's CE Primary School, Downholland Haskayne CE Primary School and St Thomas's CE Primary School
23rd Luke The Evangelist ​​​​​
Newburgh Christ Church and Westhead St James SMT PiC: Jane Morgan
- Newburgh Christ Church Re: Sarah Hayward, Viv Mitchell, Newburgh CE Primary School
- Westhead St James, Westhead Lathom St James' CE Primary School
24th Ormskirk St Peter and St Paul SMT, PiC: Pauline Bicknell, SSM: Stuart Haynes, Ormskirk CE Primary School- Lathom Park Chapel St John, Lathom Park CE Primary School
25th - Rainford All Saints V: Janet Heighton NSM(Curate): Gwen Carter, Rainford CE Primary School
- Scarisbrick St Mark V: Eileen Heaney, Re: Andy Pugh, St Mark's CE Primary School
26th - Skelmersdale St Paul SMT PiC: Chris Spittle, AS: Jack Shepherd, AP: Dawn Harrison, SSM: Anne Kazich, Re: Barbara Curry, Sandra Jones, Alan Kenyon, Eileen Kenyon, Norman Lyon, Lawrence Smye-Rumsby, Eleanor West, Trinity CE/Methodist Primary School and Sunflower Nursery
- Skelmersdale Ecumenical Centre (Methodist, Baptist and United Reformed Church Partners)
27th The Last Sunday After Trinity
Up Holland Team Ministry SMT, Schools Minister: Dawn Harrison, PiC: Paul Lock- Up Holland St Thomas the Martyr Re: Nick Daunt, Paul Givens, St Thomas the Martyr Primary School & Roby Mill CE Primary School- Digmoor Christ the Servant Re: Cath Bell, Bishop Martin CE Primary School- Oaks MiC: Duncan Petty, AS: Rachel Shuttleworth, LML: Ann Petty
28th Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) Chair: Steve Parish, Secretary: Chris Leggett
29th All youth, children's and families workers
30th Simon and Jude, Aspostles
Archdeacon of Liverpool: Ven Mike McGurk, Archdeacon of Knowsley and Sefton: Ven Pete Spiers, Archdeacon of Wigan and West Lancs: Ven Jennifer McKenzie
- Secretaries to the Archdeacons: Chris Hegg, Miranda Lever. 
- Appointments Secretary: Warren Hartley
- Dean of Women's Ministry: Amanda Bruce
- Assistant Bishops: Cyril Ashton, Geoff Pearson, John Goddard, Stephen Lowe, Glyn Webster
31st Bishop of Liverpool: Rt Revd Paul Bayes, Bishop's EA: Nichola James, Bishop's Lodge: Tom Daly, Sarah James, Phil Leigh
Bishop of Warrington: Rt Revd Beverley Mason, Bishop's Secretary: Clare Kerrigan

Cycle of Prayer

Diocesan Prayer

As we pursue our vision of a bigger church making a bigger difference more people knowing Jesus more justice in the world we have introduced a diocesan prayer. Please pray it and share it in churches across our diocese as we offer our sustained prayer to Jesus.

Loving Father,
by your grace we long to see
more people knowing Jesus,
and more justice in your world.
Help us to live as your disciples in the power of the Spirit and to work to your praise and glory.

Download the prayer to use in your church

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Deanery Prayer

North Meols Deanery
Lord, we thank you for the parishes and churches
in this deanery.
We pray that, guided by your spirit, we may be
united to grow in Christ and to serve our
communities with love and grace.
Keep us fixed on you and your purposes,
today and forever.

Ormskirk Deanery
Heavenly Father, we thank you for all those who
serve and worship in the deanery of Ormskirk.
We ask that they continue to be guided by your
Spirit as they work to bring your love to their
local communities.  Strengthen them in all their
work and embolden them as servants of Christ to
your further Glory.

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AD: Area Dean
AAD: Assistant Area Dean
AM: Associate Minister
AP: Associate Priest
AS: Assistant Staff (Curate)
AV: Associate Vicar
CA: Church Army
CGF: Church Growth Facilitator
CiC: Curate in Charge
CW: Community Worker
HCt: Honorary Curate
HfD: House for Duty Priest
HR: Human Resources
IM: Interim Minister
LA: Lay Assistant
LC: Lay Chair
LLM: Licensed Lay Minister
LML: Local Missional Leader
M: Minister
MiC: Minister in Charge
NSM: Non Stipendary Minister
OLM: Ordained Local Minister
PCt: Pioneer Curate
PE: Parish Evangelist
PiC: Priest in Charge
PM: Pioneer Minister
Re: Reader
SMT: Shared Ministry Team
SSM: Self Supporting Minister
St.LW: Stipendary Lay Worker
St.Re: Stipendary Reader
SW: Schools Worker
R: Rector
TR: Team Rector
TV: Team Vicar
V: Vicar
YW: Youth Worker