November 2019

1st  DEANERY OF WIDNES - AD: Roland Harvey, Ignite Deanery, Youth Church, Re: Clare Moss
All Saints' Day
 Almighty God, you have knit together your elect in one communion and fellowship in the mystical body of your Son Christ our Lord: grant us grace so to follow your blessed saints in all virtuous and godly living that we may come to those inexpressible joys that you have prepared for those who truly love you; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
2nd Ditton St Michael with St Thomas SMT V: Linda Riley-Dawkin, OLM: Les Moss, Methodist Partners, Spinney Avenue CE Primary School
3rd The Fourth Sunday Before Advent 
Church Army - Evangelism and social care in partnership with the Churches and caring agencies
4th Hough Green St Basil & All Saints V: Peter Dawkin, Re: Keith Austin, Susan Shellien, Roman Catholic Partners, All Saints Upton CE Primary School
5th Ministry Support - Diocesan Theologian: Rod Garner, Director of Vocations: Simon Chesters, Officer for Spiritual Direction: Dawn Harrison, Bishop's Officer for Readers: Bruce Pennie, SSM & OLM Advisor: Sue Fulford, Diocesan Liturgy & Worship Group Chair: Jeremy Fagan, Bishop's Advisor for Sector Ministry: Katy Canty
6th South Widnes Team Ministry TV: Greg Sharples, AS:Craig Gaudion
- Hale St Mary SMT Re: Janice Farrell, Stephen Farrell, Hale CE Primary School, Halebank CE Primary School
- Widnes St Mary LML/Re: Christopher Holleran
- Widnes St Paul Re: Linda Foster, Steven Shuttleworth
7th East Widnes Team Ministry TV: Lyn McIver
- Farnworth St Luke LML/Re: Lesley Wright, Re: Claire Liptrott, Sue Smither, Farnworth CE Primary School & Cronton CE Primary School
- Widnes St Ambrose Re: Spen Webster
- Widnes St John AP: Greg Sharples, Re: Shirley Lucass
8th Street Pastor Teams in Liverpool City Centre, East Liverpool, Haydock, Ormskirk, Southport and Widnes
9th DEANERY OF ST HELENS AD: Chris Daniel-McKeigue, LC: Aaron Dunne, Jenna Dunne
10th The Third Sunday Before Advent Remembrance Sunday 
Lord have mercy on those who mourn, who feel numb and crushed and are filled with the pain of grief, whose strength has given up. You know all our sighing and longings: be near to us and teach us to fix our hope on you through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.
Carr Mill St David V: Scott Davies, Re: Sheila Pye
Rainhill St Ann V: Alan Conant
11th Eccleston Team Ministry TR: Helen Coffey, TV: Sonya Doragh, Dozie Moneme
- Eccleston Christ Church Re: Susan Kirkham, Pauline Parr
- Eccleston Park St James
- Eccleston St Luke Re: David Foxford, Paul Griffiths, Ian Patey, Allan Taggart, David Thorpe, Diane Wright,
Queens Park CE/URC Primary School
- Ravenhead St John Re: Peter Roper
- Thatto Heath St Matthew
12th Civic Links
- Knowsley: Malcolm Rogers
- Liverpool: Crispin Pailing
- Warrington: Paul Wilson
13th Bigger Church, Bigger Difference
All Fresh Expressions in the Diocese
14th Children and Families Missioner: Sue Mitchell, Mission and Pastoral Officer: Sandra Holmes, DAC Secretary: Chris Legget, Pioneer Minister in the Deaf Community: Hannah Lewis
15th Haydock St Mark V: Dan Leathers, AP: Ian Hopkins, Re: Barry Curran, Richard Denno, Ruth Simpson
16th Parr Team Ministry TR: Clive Doran TV: Pauline Rowe AS: Gill Hitchen
- Parr St Peter Re: Chris Pye
- Parr St Paul Blackbrook SMT Re: Ian Bowling, Mel Finney, Ken Friar, Duncan Macrae, Gina Rouse, Anne Simister, June White
- Parr St Philip Derbyshire Hill Re: David Jones, Jenny Stone
- Parr Mount Holy Trinity
17th The Second Sunday Before Advent
St Helens Town Centre Team Ministry AP: Pete Atkinson AS: Beth Anderson
- Eccleston St Thomas TV: Harry Wood, Re: Elizabeth Collins, St Mary's and St Thomas' CE Primary School
- St Helens St Helen SMT PiC: Gaz Tracey, Re: Reg Ashburner, Emma Howarth, Nigel Lea-Wilson, St Helens Parish CE School
- St Helens St Andrew TV: Chris Daniel-McKeigue, AS: Nick White, Re: Tim Matthews
- St Helens St Mark TV: Chris Daniel-McKeigue, Re: David Leigh
18th Sutton Team Ministry SMT TR: Louise Moore, Simon Moore, TV: Graham Milford, Re: Ann Griffiths, Sutton Oak CE Primary School
- Sutton St Nicholas
- Sutton All Saints
- Sutton St Michael and All Angels
19th New Congregation Rivington - We started out as a holiday club reaching out to children and parents of the local primary school. Now we have a weekly gathering, telling Bible stories, engaging with its message through craft and conversation and praying for and with one another.
Please pray that we will connect well with more new people, grow in faith, confidence and numbers and transition well to a new leadership team.
New Congregation FillUp@4 - A Sunday afternoon gathering in the local primary school for the local community to explore and discover faith for themselves.
Please pray that we will recruit more leaders, attract more people, make new disciples and see their prayers answered so to grow in confidence.
20th Social justice and social action in our diocese: Heavenly Father, help us to bring more justice to your world. We pray for the poorest and most vulnerable. Let us not just speak of justice, but let us act in just ways. May the oppressed and needy feel justice and equality and experience a world without hunger and poverty.
21st DEANERY OF WINWICK AD: Stephen Grey, AAD: Chris Stafford, LC: Paul Hancock
22nd Burtonwood St Michael V: June Steventon
23rd Newchurch with Croft R: Chris Jones, Re: Suzanne Quick, Jane Simmons
- Croft with Southworth
- Newchurch
24th Christ the King The Sunday Next Before Advent
Newton Team Ministry TR: Chris Stafford, TV: Stephen Grey, Val Hughes, AS: Gareth Banton
- Earlestown St John, The District Primary CE School
- Newton in Makerfield Emmanuel, Wargrave CE Primary School
- Newton in Makerfield St Peter Re: Annie Houghton, St Peter's CE Primary School
- Newton le Willows All Saints
25th Glazebury with Hollinfare
- Glazebury All Saints HfD: Janice Harney, Glazebury CE Primary School
- Hollinfare St Helen HfD: Arthur Cooper St Helen's CE Primary School
26th Lowton and Golborne Team Ministry TR: Jonathan Stott, TV: Trevor Hodson, Re: Anne Jones, Maurice Kennedy, Kathleen Ward, Christine Williams
27th - Golborne St Thomas, Golborne St Thomas CE Primary School
- Lowton St Luke, St Luke's CE Primary School
- Lowton St Mary, Lowton St Mary's CE Primary School
28th Haydock St James V: Andrew Welsby, SSM: Ian Wynne, Re: David Martlew, St James CE Primary School
29th Winwick St Oswald V: June Steventon
30th Andrew the Apostle
Churches Together in the Merseyside Region Presidents: Anglican: Paul Bayes, Baptist: Phil Jump, Catholic: Malcolm McMahon, Methodist: Sheryl Anderson, Salvation Army: Drew McCombe, URC: Jacky Embrey

Cycle of Prayer

Diocesan Prayer

As we pursue our vision of a bigger church making a bigger difference more people knowing Jesus more justice in the world we have introduced a diocesan prayer. Please pray it and share it in churches across our diocese as we offer our sustained prayer to Jesus.

Loving Father,
by your grace we long to see
more people knowing Jesus,
and more justice in your world.
Help us to live as your disciples in the power of the Spirit and to work to your praise and glory.

Download the prayer to use in your church

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Deanery Prayers

Widnes Deanery
God of mission,
who alone brings growth to your church,
send your Holy Spirit
to bring vision to our planning,
wisdom to our actions,
faith to our lives,
hope to our communities
and love to our hearts,
through Jesus Christ
our Lord.

St Helens Deanery
Heavenly Father, we thank you for sending your
son, Jesus Christ, into the world to save us.
Guide, encourage and equip the people of all
your churches in the St Helens Deanery as we
obey your command to go and make disciples,
and to show your love in word and deeds in our
May your Spirit give us wisdom and courage as
we seek to reshape our deanery for mission and
that we may know God's guidance as we
work together with Anglican and Ecumenical colleagues.

Winwick Deanery
Lord, we thank you for the parishes and churches
in this deanery.
We pray that, guided by your Spirit, we may
be united to grow in Christ and to serve our
communities with love and grace.
Keep us fixed on you and your purposes,
today and forever.

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AD: Area Dean
AAD: Assistant Area Dean
AM: Associate Minister
AP: Associate Priest
AS: Assistant Staff (Curate)
AV: Associate Vicar
CA: Church Army
CGF: Church Growth Facilitator
CiC: Curate in Charge
CW: Community Worker
HCt: Honorary Curate
HfD: House for Duty Priest
HR: Human Resources
IM: Interim Minister
LA: Lay Assistant
LC: Lay Chair
LLM: Licensed Lay Minister
LML: Local Missional Leader
M: Minister
MiC: Minister in Charge
NSM: Non Stipendary Minister
OLM: Ordained Local Minister
PCt: Pioneer Curate
PE: Parish Evangelist
PiC: Priest in Charge
PM: Pioneer Minister
Re: Reader
SMT: Shared Ministry Team
SSM: Self Supporting Minister
St.LW: Stipendary Lay Worker
St.Re: Stipendary Reader
SW: Schools Worker
R: Rector
TR: Team Rector
TV: Team Vicar
V: Vicar
YW: Youth Worker